Mission and Values

SL Start's mission is to "Provide personalized services that enrich people's lives" and our values are "Integrity, Safety and Health, Quality Services, Positive Working Environment, and Professional Business Practices". As a company we believe that our commitment to personalized services combined with our dedication to our values, creates services and long-term relationships that benefit the people we support, their families, and the communities we live in.


SL Start's Mission

To provide personalized services that enrich people's lives.

Company Values


We shall be honest and follow our values to achieve our Mission.

Safety and health

We make the safety and health of the people we support, our customers, employees, and the community our number one priority.

Quality services

We personalize our services to meet each person's and customer's needs and preferences.

Positive working conditions

We create an environment that values and releases the talent, energy, and creativity of our teammates.

Professional business practices

We further our mission through sound business practices and wise use of resources.